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Article: Greece Unknown: Pilion

Greece Unknown: Pilion

Greece Unknown: Pilion

Photo: Pinakates Village, Mount Pilion

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Thessaly, the Pilion peninsula is a well-kept secret, inviting those seeking an authentic experience often overlooked by mainstream tourism.

Gorgeous Villages
Pilion's 24 principal villages are a revelation, each emanating a distinct charm. From Tsagarada and Damouchari (the backdrop for Mama Mia!), exuding a laid-back coastal vibe, to Makrinitsa and Portaria with their panoramic views, and the island-like atmosphere of Trikeri, each village is a unique experience in itself. more ...

Lush Nature
Pilion's natural allure is profound. Trails wind through forests, unveiling hidden waterfalls and vistas rivaling renowned destinations. The pristine Aegean beaches along Pelion's coast provide a serene escape from bustling crowds. Pilion transcends a mere destination; it's a sanctuary for those seeking an authentic communion with nature, veering off the well-trodden paths. Renowned since ancient times for its abundance of herbs, Pilion is a haven for herbal enthusiasts.

Skiing with a View
Pilion boasts a ski area that offers breathtaking views of the Aegean. Imagine gliding down slopes amidst snow-covered landscapes, with the Aegean Sea stretching out in the distance. It's a unique experience that seamlessly blends winter sports with the enchanting charm of the Greek coastline. more …

Mythical Roots
Pilion, the summer retreat of the Olympian Gods, is steeped in mythical history. The legendary centaurs, half-human and half-horse, once roamed these very hills. The great hero Achilles, renowned for his exploits in the Trojan War, learned the art of war from the wise centaur Chiron. Chiron, in turn, imparted his wisdom in medicine on these slopes to the legendary healer Aesculapius, the God of medicine. more ...

Pilion's Gastronomy
Indulge in Pilion's culinary delights, from the robust flavors of Spetzofai and wild boar to the savory herbal sausages (loukanika) and the unique delicacy of tsitsiravla. Don't miss the famed tsipouradika in Volos for the freshest seafood and, of course, tsipouro, the Greek Grappa.

Pilion is more than a hidden gem; it's an invitation to explore Greece beyond conventional tourist routes. Whether strolling through charming villages, immersing yourself in hidden natural beauty, enjoying winter sports with a view, or delving into mythical roots, Pilion promises an unforgettable journey, a rendezvous with the heart of Greece.

Where to stay:
Sakali Mansion - stunning traditional house built in the 18th century nestled near the central square of Pinakates village.

Agapitos - gorgeous resort, located at the Aegean side of the Pilion peninsula and member of ‘Small Elegant Hotels of the World’.

Despotiko - gorgeous mansion, one of the first Egyptian-style buildings in Pilion, in the heart of Portaria.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of our exploration into the lesser-known wonders of Greece.

Happy exploring,

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