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A Note from the Founder


I'm Theo, founder of Ambrosia & Nektar. Born in Greece, raised in Germany and currently residing in the US, I've been exposed to all sorts of cuisines and ingredients throughout my life. Every year for over five decades I've spent time in Greece, experiencing the artisanal, organic and simple way of eating across the country.

Similar to most Greeks, I'm extremely proud of my heritage (my family comes from Sparta and Thessaly, the home of Achilles). I miss zero opportunities to educate my wife, friends, colleagues and strangers about Greek mythology, history, philosophy, astronomy, democracy - you get it, we Greeks invented the world. For years I've had a dream of bringing premium Greek food to epicureans stateside. I've spent the past couple years seeking out the best producers of organic Greek products from across the Aegean Islands and Crete, as well as Epirus, the Peloponnese and Mount Olympus on the mainland. Our skilled partners possess decades of know-how and a commitment to our organic, premium ethos. It's our core belief at Ambrosia & Nektar that the best foods are pure, from nature with no additives and promote health and well-being. After all we are what we eat, as Homer once said.

When I'm not sourcing clean, organic foods for our online store, you can find me playing backgammon, chess, tennis and the somewhat lesser-known sport of faustball. And while I don't subscribe to any particular diet philosophy, I think it's hard to beat a fresh horiatiki (aka Greek salad) with my homemade organic sourdough and perhaps a bit of tsipouro, the local libation of my hometown of Volos. But, "everything in moderation", as Cleobulus the Lindian would say...

Thank you for joining us on this flavorful journey,