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Our Philosophy

We believe in using only organic, non-GMO, pure and locally sourced ingredients. Healthy, delicious and nutrient dense food does not require complex chemistry.‍ We believe provenance matters. Produce should not be cultivated beside heavy industry and cattle shouldn’t graze in or beside GMO-laden fields. Ambrosia & Nektar sources solely from highly vetted small artisan producers located in remote and unspoiled, pristine areas.
And where do we find them?

In Greece!

Greece stands out as one of the most biodiverse European countries, with more than 7,000 native plant families, 20% of which are endemic. This biological diversity is due to Greece's rugged topography. Greece hosts around 8,000 islands and islets and about 4,800 mountains. This highly fragmented landscape, divided into small valleys and plains with distinct microclimates, has bequeathed Greece with a rich tapestry of environmental conditions. While not suitable for large-scale modern agriculture, these conditions have nurtured century-old cultivation techniques and supported a thriving community of small artisans, preserving Greece's rich agricultural heritage.

Our producers use only natural, pure, organic, non-GMO, locally grown ingredients. No additives, no preservatives, no fillers. And because chemicals used in plastic material can leach into food, we never use plastic containers.

Delicious, nutritious and flavorful food of superior quality, crafted by small artisan producers with organic ingredients and free of pesticides, hormones, preservatives and GMOs - this is Ambrosia & Nektar, the FOOD OF THE GODS!