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Fraud in the olive oil market?

Appearances can be deceiving

Deception runs rampant in the olive oil market, with the gravest and most surreptitious challenges lying in the mislabeling and adulteration of olive oil with inferior refined oils. Searching the web for "olive oil fraud" will result in millions of websites uncovering and describing the fraud and scam techniques of the "Agromafia". Below are a few websites we deem to be very resourceful for further insights :

  • International Olive Council (IOC): The IOC is a global organization dedicated to promoting olive oil quality and authenticity. Their website offers valuable insights into industry regulations and initiatives to combat fraud.
  • Olive Oil Times: Olive Oil Times is a leading source of news and information about the olive oil industry. They cover topics related to fraud detection, industry trends, and the efforts made to ensure genuine olive oil.
  • UC Davis Olive Center: The UC Davis Olive Center conducts research and provides resources on olive oil authenticity and quality. Their website includes studies, reports, and educational materials related to olive oil fraud.