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Why honey from Ambrosia & Nektar?

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

Fraudulent manufacturers dilute real honey with different kinds of sugars and syrups, made from rice, beet, corn or other plants. Other forms of adulteration like ultra-filtration or aliphatic resin filtration can obscure where honey comes from. Unless you have the knowledge and the special equipment to test its authenticity, it is exceptionally difficult for a consumer to identify adulterated honey.

4 attributes to look for in authentic honey:


Unpasteurized. Our honey is raw. We keep the temperature during the extraction process under 95° F (which is the usual temperature of the beehive) in order to bottle it smoothly.  


We strain our honey very gently to remove unwanted debris, but keeping all of its rich ingredients and natural pollen grains (and health benefits) intact.


We tell you where our honey comes from.


Certified pesticide and GMO free from organically (in our case wild) grown plants. Certified organic production, processing and handling of the honey.